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2024 County - SD Convention

A County Convention is held when the county is completely within one state senatorial district. The incumbent county chairman (which may be different than the one elected in the primary election) serves as the temporary county convention chairman.

A Senatorial District (SD) Convention is held when the county is divided between two or more state senatorial districts. The temporary senatorial district chairman is elected by the precinct chairs within that county’s state senatorial district.

Anyone may attend the convention as a guest. Only those individuals who were elected by their precinct can be delegates and alternates at the county or senatorial district convention.

The county/senatorial district convention is the 4th Saturday after the primary election unless there is a conflict with Easter or Passover. Delegates to the county or state senatorial district convention elect permanent convention officers, elect delegates and alternates to the state convention, and consider and vote on resolutions.

Starting at this level, committees may be used to do some of the preliminary work for the convention. For example, a nominations committee may be elected to consider those wanting to be elected as delegates to the next convention, then present a slate of delegates and alternates for the convention body to vote on. Also, a resolutions committee may be elected to consider resolutions, then present a resolutions report for the convention body to vote on. Contact your local County Chair or State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) member for more information about the convention or committee meetings.

Delegate Training

Delegate One-Pager — a single-page handout with an overview — pass this out to your friends and neighbors

Info Sheet on Rule 31 and Supplemental Rules
Info sheet on methods for a county/SD convention to elect people as delegates or alternates to the RPT State Convention. Sample supplemental rules for allowing precincts to select some or all of their own delegates.

2024 RPT SD Delegate Allocation Numbers to State Convention

2024 RPT Delegate Allocations SD/CD – CLICK HERE

Committees & Exhibits for Submission to State Party (you are not required to use these exact forms; however, they are an easy way for you to communicate the information that is required by the rules)  Return  completed  documents  to

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