Republican Party of Texas

To obtain media access to the 2024 Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio, Texas on May 20-25, 2024 (“State Convention”), members of the media must:

  1. Complete the Republican Party of Texas’s (“RPT”) application for media accreditation;
  2. Present RPT with an official government photo identification;
  3. Present RPT with an official photo identification card issued by their news organization or a letter from their employer on official letterhead verifying their current employment as a journalist;
  4. Present RPT with sufficient evidence (not business cards or membership cards from communications or writers’ organizations) to demonstrate eligibility and purpose, including evidence that attendance is expected to result in factual coverage of the meeting in print, broadcast, or internet media (e.g., demonstrated writings about the RPT or related political issues in the previous year); and
  5. Behave in a professional manner at all times.