Republican Party of Texas

Attend Your County/Senatorial District Convention

The County/Senate District Conventions are fast approaching on March 23rd, and your active participation is critical in shaping the future of the Republican Party in Texas. Here’s all you need to know to get involved and make your voice heard:

  • Find Your Convention Details: To locate the time and location of your 2024 County/SD Convention, check the link above or get in touch with your county party for immediate information.
  • Delegate Resources are available here: Access essential materials including the Delegate One-Pager, Info Sheet on Rule 31 and Supplemental Rules, and the 2024 RPT SD Delegate Allocation Numbers to State Convention. These resources are designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to actively participate.
  • Convention Materials: Familiarize yourself with the necessary documentation such as the Delegate Application Form, Sample Registration Form, and Guide to Resolutions. These tools streamline the convention process, ensuring efficiency and clarity for all participants. They are all available here.
  • Understanding Your Convention: Whether it’s a County Convention or a Senatorial District (SD) Convention, grasp the intricacies of each event. Learn about the roles of temporary convention chairmen, the eligibility criteria for delegates and alternates, and the significance of resolutions.
  • Committee Participation: Committees play a vital role in the convention process. Consider joining committees such as Nominations or Resolutions to contribute to the preliminary work and decision-making processes. Talk to your County or Convention Chair about serving in this way. 

Remember, your involvement doesn’t stop at attending the County or Senate District convention. You have the opportunity to shape the direction of our party, elect delegates to the state convention, and vote on resolutions that reflect our Republican values.

For further details or queries, reach out to your local County Chair or State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) member.

Thank you for your dedication to defending Texas and saving America. Together, we will uphold the principles that make our state great.

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